Sarah Mitenko

About Me

Ruckle Park, Saltspring Island, BC

Ruckle Park, Saltspring Island, BC


A Jill of All Trades...A Renaissance Woman?

I was born in Winnipeg and lived there for the first 9 years of my life, lending me a type of Canadian street cred (when it comes to enduring blizzardy winters and mosquito-ridden summers, anyway).

My formative years were spent in Nanaimo, BC, but I've spent the last 20 years in Victoria, BC, where I attended the University of Victoria and obtained a combined biology/psychology degree. Shortly thereafter I began my 12-year relationship with Island Health, where I have progressed through different roles in the Medical Imaging department; receptionist, booking clerk, sonographer, and PACS administrator (a clinical applications specialist).

This mix of experiences has provided me with diverse skills and interests. I'm equally at ease using medical terminology and technical jargon, and I type up documentation and instructions at a respectable 70 wpm. Medical informatics is the field that's been holding my attention of late; adapting technology to the needs of medical professionals is hard, but rewarding when it (finally!) works.

Over the past few years I have been re-embracing one of my original loves -- the English language and its myriad of conflicting and confusing rules. I'm currently taking courses through Simon Fraser University with the goal of acquiring a certificate in Editing.

I have many interests, dovetailing nicely with what Victoria has to offer: kayaking, cycling, hiking, ultimate frisbee, writing, reading, knitting, cooking, and of course, dining at local eateries. I will read almost any book that comes my way -- non-fiction science and history books are often found on my bedside table, but my escapist reads are usually science fiction or fantasy.